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Utilising The latest technologies in the manufacturing processand logistics to enhance heating output and efficiency , whilst minimising the impact on our environment.






About Us

Welcome to our Trendy World of Radiators. We specialise in manufacturing Panel
Radiators and Towel Rails.

Trendy Radiators was established in 2016 with an aim to provide high quality products
along with excellent customer service. We use the best quality steel available in our
radiators because we truly believe that the selection of raw material used in our product is key when manufacturing our quality products.

Radiators are the most important element of a central heating system and well specified radiators are essential to maximise the efficiency and energy saving values of a central heating system.

All of our radiators are manufactured according to the quality standard of BS EN442 and ISO 9001:2008.

There are many reasons to choose Trendy Radiators as we have the perfect solution for you to achieve the highest levels of heat efficiency whilst incorporating superior quality into the production of all of our radiators.