1. Aluminium Radiator: Asteria
  2. Aluminium Radiator: Feronia
  3. Aluminium Radiator: Larissa
  4. Aluminium Radiator: Laviana

Trendy Radiators

Warming up your place in style
Trendy Radiators UK Ltd are specialists in Manufacturing Aluminium Radiators. We use high quality aluminium metal which is used in fast developing technologies due to its durability, light weight and elegant design. 

These are highly energy effiecient and use only 0.9litre water to create 750Kcal energy. Our 'Reverse air flow system' and 'Cross convention technique' makes a significant difference to your energy cost and spreads warm air evenly throughout the place to enhance the comfort level.

We offer unique designs and top quality products which provide high economic solutions according to world class standards.

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