Bison Panel Radiator – Type 11 – 500x600mm

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Our Bison Towel Rails are manufactured using the best quality Steel available.
Every join is brazed thus offering many benefits compared to standard welded joins.

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Bison Compact Panel Radiators

Bison Panel radiators are the perfect solution to achieve the highest levels of heat efficiency, elegant design and space saving solutions. The wide range of sizes are manufactured using the latest technology to save energy and money by producing the highest outputs and delivering excellent heating performance.


Bison panel radiators are made with high quality cold rolled steel in accordance with BS EN442 quality standard. The steel thickness of the radiators is 1.20mm and convector thickness is 0.30mm. Convector depth is also an important?factor which should be taken in to consideration as well as the thickness. Convector depth of Bison panel radiators is 34mm.

Surface Treatment and Painting

Each radiator undergoes a thorough multistage cleaning and painting process. Surface cleaning consists of phosphatisation, Oil removal and Passivation procedures against corrosion in accordance
with DIN 55900-1 Standard.
The painting process consists of initial water based coat and a further coat of Epoxy Polyester paint. All radiators are furnaced at 2000C to provide a smooth high gloss finish in white enamel (RAL 9016).


The radiators are delivered in special protective packaging. The front and sides are covered with cardboard, the corners are covered with plastic protection pieces and overall surrounded by shrink wrap in order to achieve the maximum durability during transportation and storage.

10 Year Guarantee

Each radiator is individually tested and supplied with complete 10-year guarantee against any defect as a result of
manufacturing fault. All radiators are tested to the high pressure of 13 Bar to guarantee the working pressure of 10 Bar.